Get paid
anytime, anyway.

And get rid of your plain old POS.

Pocket-sized Bluetooth mobile point of sale (POS) device.
Chip & PIN, Magstripe, and NFC/Contactless cards and phones.

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Truly Secure Mobile Payments

Highly secure payments for you and your customers, complying with the most stringent payment industry standards.

Multiple Ways to Get Paid

Take cash, magnetic stripe, EMV Chip & PIN, and Contactless/NFC-enabled cards and phones payments anywhere.

Simplicity and Peace of Mind

Simple and hassle-free. There are no contracts, no licensing fees, equipment leasing, or hidden account fees.

Never walk away from a sale!

With Zoop Checkout, individuals and businesses can securely accept Chip & PIN, NFC/Contactless-enabled cards and phones, and magnetic stripe payments anywhere, anytime. Download the free Zoop Checkout app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The app connects to the card reader via Bluetooth. Voilà, you have a full-fledge point-of-sale system, cash-register and real-time inventory management solution.

Secure mobile POS device.

The Zoop Checkout app works seamlessly with Zoop's patent-pending RFF-200 Bluetooth mobile Chip & Pin and NFC/Contactless device, so you can accept fully encrypted payments when and where you need.

  • Future-proof mobile POS solution
  • Low-cost & highly secure
  • Magnetic stripe card reader
  • Support Secure PIN Entry (SPE)
  • EMV Chip & PIN cards
  • Verification Methods: PIN & Signature
  • NFC/Contactless cards and phones
  • Full Speed USB Interface
  • Bluetooth smart ready
  • Great solution for pay-at-the-table
  • Multiple devices used simultaneously
  • White label package

How it works, in 3 easy steps!

Payments at your fingertips.

1Type in a custom amount or add products from the list, then press charge.
2Either swipe, insert or tap a card or mobile wallet. Pass on the reader to your customer.
3Customer confirms the amount and enters their four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number).

The cash register you can take anywhere.

Process orders in seconds, manage your business' sales and inventory, connect with your customers, and much more.

The smartest way to

grow your business and get paid.

Reward loyalty made easy.

Increase customers engagement, and keep them coming back with our smart loyalty and rewards program.